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WOW360.pk is a digital multi-platform publication and media company that provides integrated and updated news and information focusing on women, empowerment, diversity and impact.

From CEOs to homemakers, the contribution of women to Pakistan’s economy is as impactful as it is diverse. From stories that inspire to those that empower, we celebrate the positive contribution to community, challenge the traditional approach to beauty and highlight the outstanding. We focus on stories that celebrate positivity and feature social issues that create awareness.

Pakistan ranks, as one of the lowest countries on the Global Gender Gap Index. It is the 5th most populous country in the world with a 50 % female population. Despite the vast amount of talent, there is underutilized potential due to lack of equal opportunity, access to information and education.

Through our platform we hope women can find information that will inspire and add value to their lives through role models, resources and connectivity.

You provide value and inspiration. We celebrate YOU!


Inspire to Aspire!

Inspiring women to become independent, confident and impactful


  • Articles
  • Opinions and stories of industry experts
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  • News and information
  • PR Platform
  • Content marketing
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  • Product launches, events and Promotion
  • Social Media amplification

After publishing the content, WOW360 offers its expertise in social media promotions. This includes structuring social media campaigns by allocating a certain campaign budget in the best possible manner.

Our social media experts, search engine specialists and strategists have extracted extraordinary results from social media campaigns in the past and will use it to give the best possible results.



We provide the advertiser a range of digital opportunities to showcase their offering and highlight the messages and communication. From online banners, advertorial articles, brand related videos, digital products and more, there a number of ways to stand out and reach the decision makers.